Acrylic Screens

Acrylic is the perfect material for the post-Covid world. The material is extremely easy to disinfect with standard anti-bacterial products and our range has been designed to help you readily adapt to new health and safety measures.

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Acrylic Desktop Booth.jpg Download 
Acrylic Desktop Booth EG 1.jpg Download 
Acrylic Desktop Booth EG 3.jpg Download 
Acrylic Desktop Booth EG 2.jpg Download 
Icon Acrylic Desktop Booth_Spec Sheet.pdf Download 
Foil Acrylic Screen.jpg Download 
Foil Acrylic Screen EG 1.jpg Download 
Foil Acrylic Screen EG 2.jpg Download 
Icon Acrylic Foil Screens_Spec Sheet.pdf Download 
Acrylic Visor.jpg Download 
Acrylic Visor EG 1.jpg Download 
Acrylic Visor EG 2.jpg Download 
Acrylic Visor EG 3.jpg Download 
Acrylic Visor EG 4.jpg Download 
Icon Acrylic Visor_Spec Sheet.pdf Download 
Acrylic System Screen.jpg Download 
Acrylic System EG 1.jpg Download 
Acrylic System EG 2.jpg Download 
Acrylic System EG 3.jpg Download 
Acrylic System EG 4.jpg Download 
Icon Acrylic System Screens_Spec Sheet.pdf Download