A-Fifty is our best acoustic screen yet. Combining chunky aesthetics with a Class A acoustic rating, A-Fifty is a fabric screen for the modern workplace.

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A Fifty - Fly By B2B HA Bench 3.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Fly By B2B HA Bench 2.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Fly By B2B HA Bench 1.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Desk Up 5.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Desk Up 4.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Desk Up 3.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Desk Up 2.jpg Download 
A Fifty - Desk Up 1.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-1.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-2.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-3.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-4.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-5.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-6.jpg Download 
A-Fifty-Screen-7.jpg Download 
Icon Acoustic Test Certificate for A-Fifty Download 
Icon-A-Fifty-Spec-Sheet-June-2018.pdf Download