Five reasons to choose us:

1. We’ve worked on both sides of the screen

We know screen manufacturing inside out, but we know what life in the design industry is like too. Understanding the way you work helps us deliver the best possible screen, not just one thatʼs near to hand. And that can help you be more imaginative and deliver better results for your clients.

2. We solve problems through collaboration

Before we do any building, we do some talking. We find out space and your aspirations. Then we work with you to design and deliver a solution that has your clientʼs DNA running through it.

3. We’re anything but ‘off-the shelf’

The first thing that comes to hand is rarely the best solution, which is why we take a more personal approach. We consider your space and your objectives to help you create a more productive working environment. And because every Icon screen is made by hand, not machine, we help you create a more individual workplace too.

4. We like to do things properly

Certifications and accreditations are important to us at Icon because we believe in going about things the right way. It also gives our customers confidence in what we do too. Environmental management is key to how we work and, as well as ISO 14001:2004 and 9001, we are also FSC accredited. We have even got a patent for our own innovation: Tubestation.

5. We’re never short on inspiration

We think workplaces should be inspiring places. They should help people build their businesses, grow as people and bring their ideas to life. To achieve this we work with people like you, drawing inspiration from materials, designers and the vibrant world around us to help your clients create a world in which they can thrive.