University Challenge

How we helped create privacy for students seeking careers advice.

The aim of this ingenious installation was to solve a privacy conundrum within the busy Careers Centre of a popular university. With over 6,000 students, the university is a vibrant and bustling environment that provides a careers advice service from its dedicated Careers Centre. Situated within a modern building with glass walls, the Centre has just one private office available for meetings between advisors and students. The challenge was to create more private spaces for one-on-one meetings, whilst working within the existing space and also complementing the modern design principles throughout the university. The solution was Mood Tube. Mood Tube is a clever meeting booth that combines soft seating and a table within a unique circular design. We installed three units in total to create a series of highly functional meeting areas for advisors and students, each complete with integrated power for laptops/phone and an overhead light. The light switch and power sockets are housed neatly within the raw ply edged table and supplied through the base of the unit. Each booth was finished in contemporary dark grey fabric on the outside, with a contrasting fabric on the inner ring and soft seating. Even when placed against the glass walls, the Mood Tubes provide privacy through acoustic protection whilst not cutting off the rest of the room. The result is a much more efficient use of the space so the careers team can support even more students each day. mood_tube Three Mood Tubes by Icon