The Ultimate Workbooth

We’ve combined Khamsin and Tubestation to create a uniquely functional workbooth.

We manufacture everything from a basic booth (essentially a rectangle with seats and a table) to meeting booths with all kinds of additions and accessories. Our most recent project brings together the versatile Khamsin screens with our patented Tubestation technology to conveniently deliver power and data to the booth. So much of the way we work today revolves around mobile technology.  Laptops, tablets and mobiles have become essential but they all need plugging in at some point!  Cables are a workplace necessity, whether it for power or connectivity. This meeting booth combines the best features of both products: Khamsin’s chunky fabric-covered screens lock together securely to create the booth and provide acoustic protection, whilst the integrated Tubestation delivers power and data and safely holds the presentation screen. It’s the perfect booth for meetings, presentations and much more. Tubestation’s patented design provides a power supply and data cabling (CAT 5E, 6 and 7) housed within a robust, powder-coated aluminium ‘tube’ that fixes securely into the floor. It is available with a number of different add-ons that include flat screen monitor supports, CPU holders as well as supports for video conferencing and AV monitors, worktops, lights and screen systems. By integrating Tubestation right into the booth, it means that the screens themselves remain untouched: no more drilling holes or unsightly cable runs! This also means that if you want to reconfigure the screens in future, you can do so with the screens intact. Like so much of what we do, Tubestation can be specified to meet the needs of your individual project. Need European plug sockets? No problem. Want the sockets positioned at a particular height or on a particular face? Of course! Need USB, A/V, HDMI sockets? Let’s do it! Tubestation can be specifically tailored to your project’s electrical requirement as well as offering the ability to mount a monitor. This particular solutions integrates our streamline 2-way Tubestation right into the Khamsin booth. The result is a solid solution that is a good looking as it is functional, with practically everything you could need built right into the booth. To find out how to specify a booth like this for your next office project, get in touch with our team. Khamsin Booth with Tubestation 2 Khamsin Booth with Tubestation 1 Khamsin Booth with Tubestation 3 Save Save Save Save