The Liberate Trilogy

We’re excited to launch the third product in our Liberate series: Bedouin.

In the last few years we have found ourselves more and more committed to the concept of flexibility in the workplace. It’s more than just a trend. Products like Khamsin have been developed as a direct result of our customer’s requests. The way people work has changed and our innovative Liberate range has been created to provide more versatile and adaptable products for the modern workplace.

Acoustic design is a major consideration in any office and even more so considering the amount of business that happens on mobiles and tablets. It’s essential to have a quiet space to make a call or send an email, and in a busy office or open plan space that can be hard to find. On the opposite end of the scale, face to face collaboration and quick stand up meetings are integral to productivity, but again finding the space to do them can be tricky without the luxury of multiple meeting rooms.

Our goal was a mobile solution that would offer solid acoustic protection whilst also being easy to store and easy to move, giving the user complete flexibility. We partnered with specialist design consultants BroomeJenkins who created the concept for us and we worked together to refine it to the finished article. The result combines all these elements to create a multipurpose mobile freestanding screen that can be used for anything from a work booth to an impromptu meeting room.

Bedouin comes in two heights, a tall unit with a short roof ideal for stepping into for a quick chat or phonecall; and a low unit which is the perfect height to give instant privacy when you are sat down. They can be used individually but they work particularly well in a group, simply pull them into the position you require and nest them away again afterwards. Design-wise you can specify them in a huge range of fabric colours and combinations to match your scheme.

After many rounds of testing and tweaking to get it just how we wanted it, it’s a proud moment to reveal the finished product and launch Bedouin officially to the market.

Click here for more details about Bedouin and to download the brochure or get in touch with our team if you want to chat anything through.