The Stand-Alone Collection

The Stand-Alone Collection is a series of light, affordable and eco-friendly innovations. Designed to be easily installed, they instantly improve existing workspaces and facilities. Innovative and practical, they are the answer to a number of acoustic and aesthetic issues many designers will face when looking at the office environment.


Deskmate is a wrap-around screen that can be installed in seconds to effortlessly hide cables, create convenient storage and provide privacy.

Exceptionally easy to install, just unfold Deskmate and place it wherever you need it! Use it around a single desk to create a quiet corner, or use a number of them together to construct instant cubicles. With neat pockets on the inside it also offers storage for documents and small accessories.

In addition to providing sound insulation, Deskmate is scalable and modular so it can be used in many ways to restructure open space. Available in several sizes with superb finishes, simply fold them out and they are ready to go with minimal fixtures and fitting required.

Beautiful, efficient, environmentally-friendly and affordable, Deskmate is the next generation in acoustic solutions.