Seamless integration

Collaboration and co-operation were at the core of a recent project featuring the Origin Workwall.

In the words of Greek philosopher Aristotle “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This rang true on a recent project when we were called upon to bring to life a design with many separate components. Collaboration was required in this project for the London offices of a leading global law firm.

Perhaps unusually these days, the project involved the design and fit out of 15 cellular offices rather than the more common open plan spaces we tend to see. Each office required two desks, chairs, overhead storage cabinets, cupboards, screens and an integrated workwall – items from multiple manufacturers all required to work together as one cohesive design. This is where we came in!

Working in partnership with the furniture company we started, quite literally, at the drawing board. Our team created initial drawings and layouts, tailoring our Origin Workwall as a framework to bring all the different elements together.

Creating bespoke solutions is something we are well practised at, even if we don’t manufacture every individual part ourselves. We crafted a framework and design that would bring each component together seamlessly, ensuring everything was correctly aligned, right down to the shadow lines.

Over and above the design development, we then also manufactured an Origin Workwall: our modular wall panel system that provides flexible functionality with a range of accessories and storage solutions.  We included floating shelves with bookends and colour-matched blue fabric panels to complement the design scheme.

In addition, we provided blue acrylic screens with built in accessory rails, another space-saving storage solution that works with the Float range of accessories.

The result – as you can see in the pictures below – is a seamlessly integrated design and a puzzle that we enjoyed solving!