Safety First

Simple, Effective, Acrylic Screens for a Safer Workplace

We have evolved and enhanced our existing acrylic screen range in light of Covid-19 and have created a series of practical products that are simple to use, and easy to install. We have been designing and producing acrylic screens for over 20 years. Now, more than ever before, they are in high demand as we all strive to adapt to a post-Covid world. Acrylic is extremely easy to disinfect with standard anti-bacterial products and our range has been designed to help you readily adopt new health and safety measures.
  • Available in a clear or translucent finish
  • Easy to clean with anti-bacterial products
  • Simple to install
  • Less intrusive than solid screens
  • Maintains visibility and light across the office
  • Works with any existing colour scheme
Our updated range of products provides are tailored to fit your desking requirements and deliver instant screen solutions to help create a safer working environment. Acrylic Desktop Booth Easy to keep clean, easy to install. These Acrylic Desktop Booths, in clear or translucent 5mm acrylic, simply drop onto existing desks. Formed from a single piece of acrylic and sized to match the depth of your desk, they can be supplied either with clamp brackets or feet, for a more portable solution. Foil Acrylic Desktop Screen These 5mm Foil Acrylic Desktop Screens with polished edges are easy to keep clean with anti-bacterial products and are secured in place with simple adhesive feet. Available in a range of sizes to fit your desks, you can even specify shorter lengths to create a quick and simple booth. Acrylic Visor These frameless Acyclic Visors easily stack on top of existing screens, to extend their height. Held in place with simple saddle brackets, they work with multiple screen ranges and provide a quick and easy way of offering increased personal and social division. Acrylic System Screens If you are looking for strength and stability, our Acrylic System Screens are the perfect option. Screens can be desk mounted, floorstanding or even mobile and can accommodate tool rails to mount accessories. You can also stack multiple finishes and materials to let light through at different levels. Click here to download spec sheets for our acrylic products. To our order your acrylic screens, or for further information, please call +44(0)1977 695222 to speak to one of the team.