Product Focus: Zorb

Where art meets acoustics – take a closer look at Zorb.

Zorb is one of our products that you can get really creative with. Acoustic panels don't have to be boring! Let your imagination run wild and you are free to create acoustic panels that are more than just a functional necessity, but also part of your design landscape. Print full colour photos, solid Pantones or graphic artwork. Choose fabrics, colours, upholstery and stitching styles. These lightweight, versatile, panels offer fantastic acoustic absorption, transforming cacophonous spaces into well-dressed, productive rooms. Need a few ideas to start you off? Take a look at the different ways our clients have used Zorb so far.

Individual Artwork

Is it a print? Is it an acoustic panel? It’s Zorb! Print high res photographs, bespoke artwork, corporate logos or anything you like onto a single Zorb panel and then simply hang it like your favourite picture.

Tessellated Artwork

If you want to cover a bigger area, even a whole wall, we can produce sequences of panels that can printed and hung together to form one vast piece of artwork.

Flat Colours

Can't find a fabric in the right shade for your wall panels? We can even print in solid Pantone colours to create panels that will perfectly match your corporate colours. Interested in using Zorb, for your next project? Please get in touch for a chat about your ideas.