Product Focus: Khamsin

We designed Khamsin in response to customer demand for a secure, modular fabric screen.

Our fabric screens have always been popular. They are beautiful, tactile and available in a whole rainbow of colours, textures and stitch styles.

Khamsin brings all the benefits of a modern fabric screen into a flexible, modular solution that can suit all manner of uses from printer screens to workbooths.

The thick 60mm profile screens are naturally acoustic or can be further enhanced with a special acoustic core, making them ideal for situations where you need to control noise. The screens fix together securely with a clever concealed link, to give a gorgeous finish, whatever the configuration.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some ways in which Khamsin has been specified so far:

A modular desk solution with added acoustic protection, these bright purple desk screens create appealing and productive work stations.

If noisy office equipment is an issue, Khamsin can be used to create help control the noise like with this handy printer surround.

Personalise the screens and add finishing touches using accessories like memo boards, memo trays and name plates.

Want curves? We can create large booths ideal for meetings and collaboration.

If it's the whole package you need - we can supply you a complete booth including seating, tables and even power.

Height adjustable desks are no problem, Khamsin can work with almost any kind of desk to create a number of different pod and desk configurations– or even as a freestanding unit.


Create touchdown areas for individual working, ideal for large offices or public spaces like Libraries.

Where private offices are scarce in open plan environments, create cost effective meeting areas using Khamsin screens to create a simple booth.

When it comes to fabric choices, we have a huge range of colours to suit any design scheme and you can even opt for contrasting inside and outside faces, as well as a range of stitch styles. The possibilities are endless!

For further information and inspiration, click to Download the Khamsin Brochure.

If you are interested in specifying Khamsin for your next project or need help finding a work booth solution, then please get in touch with our team, we'd love to hear from you.