Paving the way to productivity

We've recently completed an installation of Paving panels to help manage the acoustics of a busy office.

Acoustic panelling is one of the more traditional methods of managing sound in a workplace - but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Our Paving 3D panels can be easily tessellated to create a multitude of different designs and configurations. Play with depth, colour and size to create a unique feature wall that not only looks great, but significantly improves the acoustic quality. Class A certified, these high performance acoustic fabric panels come in packs that can be easily specified to suit your design. For this, our first installation of Paving in London, the client designed the wall they wanted using our templates as a guide. They were able to adjust and experiment with the configuration until they settled on the perfect design, which we then manufactured and installed. The Paving panels for this particular project have been upholstered in a selection of greys and greens to create a muted and comfortable feel and the different depths add shadow and texture when lit from the spotlights above. The meeting room sits within a busy office and the installation of Paving has significantly reduced noise reverberation, making it a much more pleasant, private and productive meeting space. To find out more about how to specify Paving, please get in touch with our team to talk through your ideas.