Our best acoustic screen yet

Introducing A-Fifty, the Class A rated acoustic screen.

With a chunky 50mm profile and angular good looks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that A-Fifty is just another modern screen. It has all the hallmarks of a contemporary piece of design: quality fabric, generous 50mm profile and a simple modular look that wouldn’t look out of place in any fashionable office. But it’s more than just a design statement. A-Fifty is also Class A acoustic rated, which means it is a very useful tool when it comes to tailoring the acoustics of a space. Time and time again noise is cited as one of the biggest distractions in the workplace. So in a world already full of distractions from every angle (including from the smartphones in our pocket!) it's never been more important to create quiet and productive spaces in which to work. Distraction is the enemy of productivity. Chatter drifting across an office, a conference call on speakerphone, the thrum of a printer, even the clatter of your colleagues fingers on a keyboard... our brains can't help but notice and react to what's going on around us. No matter what your job, it takes focus to 'get in the zone' and harness your most productive self. Workplace acoustics is now a critical consideration in good interior design and we’ve seen a growing demand from our clients for effective solutions that will also complement a modern aesthetic. A-Fifty has been independently tested and has achieved a Class A acoustic certification. It’s simple and contemporary design provides a stylish solution for those looking to reduce noise and increase productivity. The desk up blades work brilliantly to block and absorb noise, even when fitted to height-adjustable desks, and A-Fifty is also available as a freestanding screen where you need acoustic protection on a larger scale. For further information about office acoustics, take a look at our Understanding Acoustics PDF. To specify A-Fifty in your next project get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.