Open Plan Solutions

How to create privacy in an open plan space.

Open plan offices remain the default design for most bigger corporations. With large numbers of staff and big departments, it makes good sense to keep everyone together on one open floor. The downside, of course, is that meeting rooms are limited or in high demand; and if there isn’t enough space for collaboration or focused working then productivity can suffer. Building more meeting rooms is not often a viable solution, either in terms of cost or efficient use of space. This is where acoustic booths and pods really come into their own. For this recent project in Manchester, we installed a number of different acoustic screen solutions, adding valuable areas of productive space within the huge, bustling floorplate. Located next to a busy atrium with lots of glazing and ambient noise, they needed to create more meeting areas for their busy teams. We manufactured and installed a series of three Mood Tubes, two Bedouin screens and a Khamsin Booth. Each upholstered in teal or navy and light blue to reflect the company brand colours. Mood Tubes make the perfect spot for 1-2-1 meetings or touchdown working. Hardwired with a twin power supply, USB connectivity and integrated lighting, the units are almost entirely self-contained. Installed as a series of three, the pods add a real focal point to the open floorplan and look particularly stunning when placed together. Their location next to the noisy kitchen area, is well placed, adding a natural acoustic break between the kitchen and the rest of the office. A seating area was instantly made more secluded with the addition of two low Bedouin screens. These moveable freestanding screens quickly slide on casters into position to add instant privacy. Ideal for a phone call or quick chat, they can also be nested neatly out of the way when not in use. We upholstered the screens in contrasting colourways, with navy blue on the outside face and light blue on the inside to bring in the brand colours and complement the existing colour theme. We also designed, produced and installed a bespoke Khamsin workbooth with integrated soft seating, table, power and bracketry for a flat screen monitor. Ideal for presentations, the booth acts as an additional meeting room that can be booked out by staff as needed. We even added a name plate on the exterior for the internal booking system. The result is five new, flexible work areas that the staff can utilise, installed with little disruption and with no structural changes at all to the space. Plus it all looks fantastic too! If you're looking for different ways to create more productive space in your office, get in touch with the team to learn more about our acoustic products.