Motorola, Herman Miller and Gensler – Chicago

British innovation in Chicago - a new case study from Motorola Headquarters.

We've been working with some of the biggest names in the industry recently, including Herman Miller on the new Gensler-designed Motorola headquarters.

The incredible new 600,000 square foot global headquarters in downtown Chicago span four floors and 50,000+ square feet of rooftop space. Home to 1,325 engineers, the innovative workspace accommodates a number of different areas for employees - including a games rooms, fitness area, breakout spaces as well as offices and a research area.

A Motorola research area needs a lot of connectivity and this is where we were able to help, by providing our patented Tubestation technology to neatly and efficiently supply cables, power and data to the workbenches. We manufactured bespoke mini Tubestations to work within the design and layout - and were the only people able to meet the brief, no one in the US could deliver what was needed. A proud triumph for us and British innovation!