In the Mood for Inspiration

Be inspired by Mood Lounge, our modular Class A acoustic rated soft seating collection.

The concept behind Mood is simple: a modular, timeless design that gives designers building blocks to configure any solution they desire. Each module works together to create an effortlessly cohesive design. Mood is the only soft seating collection that has been tested and certified Class A acoustic. Its advanced acoustic properties make Mood Lounge the perfect solution for open, busy spaces or echo filled rooms with high ceilings. Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of our previous installations for inspiration. For high traffic, loud, busy, communal spaces - such as universities or airports - Mood Lounge provides comfortable seating that can help control the noise levels. Upholstered in durable, bright fabrics, this cheerful design brings the space to life. Mood's simple lines work beautifully in a contemporary space, but they just as easily complement older architecture and traditional finishes. In the workplace, Mood works brilliantly in breakout areas, meeting areas and co-working spaces. It even works with tables and desks to create inviting, acoustic booths. Grand, open foyers always make an impressive entrance, but they can quickly become overwhelmed by echoes and noise. Mood Lounge is engineered to absorb unwanted sound and creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for visitors. Whatever your design, whatever your inspiration, we can help you bring it to life. Click to read more about Mood Lounge and get in touch to discuss how to specify it for your next project.