Cabanes at Mind Your Head

Mind Your Head

We are proud supporters of the Mind Your Head mental health campaign that launched at UK Construction Week this October.

Mental Health remains a tricky topic for some people to talk about but it’s an issue we can’t afford to ignore, particularly in the construction industry. Frightening statistics indicate an endemic problem: the construction industry suffers from highest number of suicides, more than three times the national average. It is the biggest killer of men in the sector, with over 1400 suicides reported in the last 5 years. The Mind Your Head campaign has been launched to try and help turn things around. This national campaign has been designed by leading psychotherapist Dr Gareth Palmer, founder of MenShouldTalk. The goal is to promote mental wellbeing to men working in construction, in a straight-talking, no-nonsense and accessible way. The launch of the campaign took place at the UK's largest built environment event - UK Construction Week - with an innovative popup art exhibition entitled ‘Material Support’. The exhibition featured different building materials and products from suppliers across the industry that were transformed into inspiring works of art, designed to get people thinking about mental health. One of our We Design Silence products – Cabanes – was used to create a small booth in which visitors were encouraged to ‘take a moment to listen to sound advice’. Cabanes is one of our standalone acoustic products, so it is particularly effectively in noisy spaces like the exhibition hall. Its inviting shape drew in visitors and we combined it with some of our Mood Lounge soft seating to create the perfect private nook for contemplation. Once inside, a recording played providing insight and thoughts from the campaign. We are excited to be a part of such an innovative project and proud to help combat such a serious issue affecting the industry. Mind Your Head Stand at UK Construction Week For more information visit