Liberate your workspace!

Introducing Nomad - the statement screen that is completely versatile and ready to roam.

Flexibility is increasingly a hot topic when it comes to office design. There is a growing need to be able to create spaces in which to work effectively, while minimising permanent (and often costly) changes.

As screen specialists we know a thing or two about screens and while they are one of the best ways to divide up work areas, they can have their restrictions. Different desks need different systems, different brackets, different sizes, different fixings – that is, until we got our thinking caps on in the R&D department…

Our idea was to create a screen solution that could work wherever you need it, that looks good at the same time. The result is Nomad: a freestanding desktop screen with a unique design that is not only beautiful, but practical too. Available in a range of finishes to complement our existing fabric screens, it is a stable yet lightweight, desktop solution that can work on any desk, anywhere.

Elegantly simple – it requires no fixing, no drilling, no measuring and no brackets.

Perfect for hot-desking, mobile working, or creating privacy without making any permanent changes to the desk itself, Nomad is a statement screen that is completely versatile and ready to roam.

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