Khamsin in action

The versatility of Khamsin is one of the reasons it is proving to be so popular.

Our modular screen solution Khamsin can be specified in a huge variety of ways and it’s always great to see it in use in different applications.

In this project Khamsin is used to create meeting booths on both floorplates of this office in Aberdeen. There are a number of situations in which booths really come in to their own. In this instance, the thick Khamsin screens are used to create quiet areas for meetings in what is otherwise an open plan space.

We’ve also made use of the excellent sound-absorbing properties of Khamsin and used them to create a printer surround and to section off the resource area. Not only functional, it all perfectly complements the existing design scheme.

Perhaps you are in a situation where the office is in rented premises, or there isn’t the budget (or desire) to construct a partitioned meeting room. Using Khamsin screens can allow you the freedom to create meeting spaces, break out areas, a quiet corner or even phone booths, without making permanent (and costly) changes to the space itself.


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