Introducing Zorb

ArtSorb combines artwork and sound absorbing properties, to improve the acoustics of any room, while still looking great!

At 100% Design this week we will be unveiling a couple of new products at Icon. One of which is the ingenious Zorb. Perfect for meeting areas, receptions or offices, Zorb is particularly effective where there is sound reverberation or high levels of noise. It improves acoustics by absorbing sound and can be applied to walls, storage cabinets and ceilings, whilst complementing the aesthetics of the room. The panels can be either upholstered in fabric to complement our Stitch or Simple range of products or covered with graphics to suit your scheme. Brand them with your company logo or print something completely different to create a visually stunning, but also practical, piece of art. To find out more about Zorb, contact us for more information. Download the Zorb Spec Sheet