Introducing Origin Workwall

Every so often an idea comes along that takes it to a new level... introducing Origin Workwall

We’ve been designing and producing fabric screens for a long time and every so often an idea comes along that takes it to a new level. Something that the Origin Workwall does quite literally! Origin Workwall is a modular panel system that allows you to use the walls in your office to create offices and private spaces, without breaking up and compromising the overall design. For the first time, we can use fabric panels – as we would use in any of our Stitch or Simple fabric blades and freestanding screens – and affix them to walls to provide pinnable surfaces integrated with accessory rails, storage, wall talkers and shelving solutions. The result is a flexible, modular system that is not only functional but one that also doesn’t compromise the integrity of the overall office design. In the wake of the open plan office movement, we see a growing trend for cellular spaces where employees can seek out some privacy in which to be more productive. The Origin Workwall provides a solution in keeping with the aesthetics of your open plan offices that can be easily configured in numerous ways to suit the needs of the employees. By swapping accessories, the space can be adapted quickly – whether to suit a meeting environment or, alternatively, a more personal workspace for an individual. All of our Float accessories are interchangeable and compatible with Origin Workwall. Get in touch to discuss specifying this for your next project.