Introducing Khamsin

We’re delighted to launch the second product in our ‘Liberate your workspace’ range: Khamsin.

The concept for Khamsin grew in response to an increasing customer demand for a flexible, linking system. If only there was a modular solution that was as good looking and durable as our ever-popular modern fabric screens... Our R&D team set to work and came up with Khamsin. What makes it unique is that, until now, there was no way of linking fabric screens together without unsightly and awkward brackets. However, Khamsin slots together using a pre-fitted, and concealed, linking mechanism. icon-khamsin-01 Khamsin is a screen with full fabric surround, available in all the colours and finishes you would expect, that can be joined at right angles and can create practically any configuration you might need. Available as curved or straight screens, freestanding or fixed, they can be specified to meet a huge variety of applications. Take a look at our case study showing some examples of Khamsin in action. With a typical a profile of 60mm, these thick screens are naturally excellent sound absorbers and can even be specified with additional improved acoustic qualities if needed. Be free to create what you need! Whether you want curves, right angles, booths, pods or any number of clusters, Khamsin can be linked together in a multitude of ways. icon-khamsin-09 To find out more download the Khamsin brochure or visit the Khamsin page. Save Save Save