Icon Case Study #5

A bespoke cubicle solution including over 900 individual screens, manufactured in Yorkshire and installed in Abu Dhabi.

The client
Working with our partners, leading Spanish manufacturer Forma 5, to deliver a project for a - Middle Eastern oil company in Abu Dhabi.

What they wanted
“A cubicle solution including over 900 individual screens, with built in storage, fully integrated with a Forma 5 system.”

How we delivered
The planning stage of the project took 6 months, working very closely with Forma 5 to create a technical specification that would accommodate over 20 different desk configurations within the office, each with its own specifications and dimensions. We mapped out every detail so that we could create cubicles using our System 06 screens with overhead storage boxes, all fully integrated with the Forma 5 furniture system. Every screen was then manufactured to the right specification in our Yorkshire factory in just 4 weeks, before being shipped over to the UAE. The meticulous planning paid off and the project was installed seamlessly on site - a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

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