From concept to reality

Bringing Bedouin to life with BroomeJenkins.

For the third product in our Liberate series, Bedouin, we partnered with esteemed product consultants BroomeJenkins. Not only do they share our passion for design, but they also have a significant wealth of experience in the workplace arena.

We held our first meeting in a noisy coffee shop. It had good coffee but poor acoustics and our initial chat was accompanied by a busy soundtrack of chatter and the clatter of cups, amplified by hard walls and high ceilings. However, it was clear from the outset that Director Barry Jenkins quickly understood our unconventional vision for the Liberate collection and our desire to create a new flexible screen for the modern workplace.

BroomeJenkins believes that good product design is a result of a shared objective and close collaboration between designer and manufacturer. It’s an ethos we thoroughly agree with and one that has proved itself to be very true on this project.

Inspiration struck at our next meeting in the same coffee shop. We met again to discuss the screen project, but this time sat together at a different table, located in a corner under a small soffit. This alcove naturally absorbed the ambient sound while focussing the conversation inwards, creating a pocket of privacy perfect for discussion.

The seed of the idea was planted there and then and BroomeJenkins set about creating the unique form of Bedouin: a screen that would consist of two sides with a short hood, to create a localised and movable acoustic canopy.

From initial sketches, to maquettes, to 3D renders and finally full-sized prototypes, the design gradually took shape. Together we went through many rounds of testing and feedback, refining every aspect of the screen from the ergonomics of the handle to the curves of the booth. It has been a fantastic experience working with BroomeJenkins, each and every detail has been engineered with absolute precision and every element perfected until we were both completely happy with the outcome.

"We enjoy collaborating with our clients, ultimately it is about building productive relationships. We were pleased that Bedouin allowed us to get to know Icon and for Icon to get to know us.”  - Barry Jenkins

The finished solution is remarkably simple and incredibly effective. Bedouin is a light, stable and mobile freestanding screen that can be used individually or in a cluster to create any kind of private space you need, instantly. Available in two heights, the tall unit has a short hood perfect for stand up meetings and phone calls, while the lower versions are the perfect height for a sit down meeting. Simply slide them into place and then nest them away when you are done.

We are immensely proud and excited to reveal the finished product at this year’s designjunction as part of the official launch of We Design Silence, Icon’s new acoustic arm of the business.

Meet us on Stand F3 at the Doon Street Site, from 20th - 23rd September 2018. We look forward to seeing you there!

Initial sketches

Finished Bedouin