Distraction-Free Zone

Khamsin was the perfect choice to create a productive work pod within a busy open plan office.

The most effective work environments are those that give people the space and privacy they need to focus (and stay focused) on the task at hand.

In a busy open plan workplace, or where space is at a premium, desk layouts that appear to work perfectly on the space plan may fall short when it comes to the reality of everyday use. In situations like this, the right kind of screen can really have an impact on the usability of the space and overall environment.

We were called upon to address an issue for a marketing team located within a busy open plan office. Their desks were located on a busy thoroughfare in the office, which made it hard to avoid noise and distraction. The solution needed to complement the overall existing design aesthetic, as well as creating a more defined and productive area to work in.

The Icon team designed, produced and installed a number of our Khamsin screens to create a pod, or acoustic booth, around the 6 desks. These modular screens lock securely together and can be specified in any number of configurations depending on the structure you need.

Upholstered in hard-wearing and beautiful Camira fabric, we chose charcoal grey for the outside face of the pod and a contrasting cheerful orange for the inside, in keeping with the company’s brand colours. We also added a bespoke stitching detail featuring the Icon logo to one corner.

The result is almost an 'office within an office'. The 60mm profile screens give the team a private area for meetings and collaboration, as well as helping to absorb and block unwanted noise from the adjacent thoroughfare and the rest of the room.

“The new furniture from Icon has transformed our whole department” says OE Electric's Brand and Media Manager, Neil Howson. “We feel both more connected and responsive in our new set up and now find collaboration much easier. The bright orange and dark grey screens allow us shelter from the hustle and bustle of the open plan office but are an inviting space for anyone who needs to come and see us. All in all, everyone is very happy with the new desks and screens; some people are even a little envious of our new environment!”

To find out more about how to specify Khamsin, please get in touch with our team and we’d love to see how we can help.