Booths, Booths, Booths

Since launching Khamsin, it has rapidly become the ‘go to’ screen for booths.

We developed Khamsin in response to a clear customer demand, so we knew as we launched it that it was going to be a popular product and it hasn’t disappointed. However, there is one kind of project that is specified time and time again: booths.

The thing about Khamsin is that it’s just so versatile. The screen itself is thick and substantial, with excellent acoustic properties. Wrapped in contemporary fabric of practically any colour, it incorporates a concealed linking mechanism to lock the pieces together firmly and discretely. The result is a very stable, modular screen solution that can be used to create anything from printer surrounds to desk clusters.

By far its most popular use to date has been a meeting booth! The trend in workplace design has swung from open plan back to a more modular approach, as companies realise the value of quiet space when it comes to productivity. One of the best, and most cost effective, ways of creating privacy in existing office space is with meeting booths.

The demand for booths has exploded recently, and there are many on the market with eye-watering price tags attached and limited flexibility in what can be achieved.

We design and manufacture each screen ourselves and are able to deliver a more affordable, and customisable, solution. We’ve delivered multiple Khamsin work booths already this year, with several repeat orders, rolling them out across various sites in the UK.

In its most simple form, a meeting booth is just a screen with seats and a table, but we can also customise this to accommodate additions such as cable ports or TV brackets for presentation screens.

Rather than trying to find pre-made modules to fit your solution, why not let us create you something bespoke and entirely fit for purpose? It’s more cost effective than you think.

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