The best of both worlds

Introducing our brand new inboard accessory rail for our fabric blades.

Designers that prefer the plush look of our sophisticated fabric blades can now specify screens that include the flexible functionality of a management rail. Management rails have long been a staple of our System Screens and provide a way of maximising desk space by keeping it free from clutter. The interchangeable nature of our Float accessories mean that even employees that hot desk can quickly make the space their own – adding personal touches such as name plates and photo holders, or a neat way of storing their files or stationery. As we looked at in our blog last year on ‘Why we personalise our surroundings’ having a space that can be quickly adapted and personalised not only has clear functional benefits, but also an impact on the wellbeing of the individual working there. Our fabric ranges of screens – Stitch, Simple and even our freestanding workstation Primo – prove popular with designers not only for their luxurious look and feel, but also for their enhanced acoustic properties. So we’re pleased to be able to announce this latest innovation from our R&D team that allows the perfect combination of looks and functionality. Click here to read more or get in touch if you have any queries or want to use this product in your next workspace project.