Bespoke accessory challenge

The Icon R&D team rise to a design and development challenge.

Our fabric screens are enduringly popular for offices. The combination of hard wearing fabric and extensive colour range means they work well in practically every kind of environment. But what happens when you love the look of a fabric screen but also want the functionality of an accessory rail? This was a challenge set to us recently on a project for BRED Bank, one of the largest regional banks in France. The desk mounted screens were required to complement a number of additional fabric screens we were manufacturing for the project that included Freestanding Simple screens and lateral fabric screens. Always up for a challenge, our designers went to work and created an ingenious solution that brings together the concept of the inboard accessory rail from System 5 with a Simple screen.  The rail itself was a custom extrusion, designed and developed by Icon to fit perfectly with the client’s monitors and accessories; this was then inset into a Simple screen covered with the same fabric as in the rest of the design scheme. The result was a success and so far, we’ve supplied a total over 1600 screens for the project. icon-simple-rail-01 If you've got a screen challenge for us then get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. Save Save Save