Acoustics - What's all the noise about?

Numerous research studies have confirmed that noise is a primary cause of reduction in productivity and can contribute to stress and illness. Icon has a number of products to help improve the acoustic landscape of your office environment. 

Understanding Acoustic Landscapes

Open, flexible spaces seem to be the order of the day in modern office design and whilst they can aid communication and collaboration, the noise associated with this type of arrangement can have a negative impact. At Icon, we can help you identify problem areas at design & build stage - or in an existing occupied space - and offer expert advice and a range of products to help reduce noise, offer privacy where needed and increase productivity.

Which Icon products can help?

We use a variety of core materials to achieve the best sound absorption in the speech frequency range of 500 - 4000 Hz, while maintaining the integrity and strength of the screens. A-Fifty A-Fifty is our best acoustic screen yet with a Class A acoustic rating. A-Fifty's generous 50mm profile, upholstered finish and clean lines make it a stylish way to improve acoustics in any busy office. Zorb Fabric panels for walls, storage cabinets and ceilings help absorb noise whilst still looking attractive. The Zorb panels can be upholstered in fabric or covered with graphics, to match any kind of office design. Create a visually stunning, but also practical, piece of art. Zorb is rated NRC 0.75 (Class C). Stitch & Simple Blades Increase acoustic absorption in the office with beautifully upholstered desk screens - Stitch & Simple. These luxurious fabric blades have a rating of NRC 0.55 (Class D) and can be enhanced to NRC 0.65 (Class C) with an alternative core. Freestanding Stitch & Simple If you want to create a bit of privacy, or a little peace and quiet in an otherwise busy workplace, Freestanding Stitch and Freestanding Simple are rated to NRC 0.55 (Class D) and can be enhanced to NRC 0.65 (Class C) with an alternative core. These freestanding screens give you flexibility to create the space you need instantly. System Screens Our aluminium-framed System Screens block the direct path of sound at 480mm high or greater and are Class D rated. Our popular System 05 range can be enhanced to NRC 0.65 (Class C) with an alternative core. System 06 Our flexible System 06 consists of a high density sound blocking core sandwiched between two layers of sound absorbing material. At heights of 1200mm or greater this screen will block direct sound and absorb noise. Use it as a cubicle to create personal work space, define meeting areas for team working or even as a dividing wall. Seven Designed to maximise sound absorption for collaboration and breakout areas, Seven is an elegant curved freestanding screen system upholstered with heat bonded foam backed fabric. Khamsin Our modular Khamsin screens offer great acoustic protection with a class rating of NRC 0.75 (Class C). For more detailed information, the full acoustic certificates for all of our tested products are available to download here.