A Social Distanced Workpod

Barry Jenkins shares his thoughts on how Bedouin can be used in a socially-distanced workspace.

Icon partnered with Barry Jenkins and his consultancy BroomeJenkins to create Bedouin, as part of our Liberate series. Available in two heights, Bedouin is a mobile freestanding screen designed to create an enclosure, wherever its needed. Simple to move, stack and store, while its original purpose was to provide acoustic shielding and privacy, it also lends itself to the post-Covid landscape. As many businesses across the UK return to the office after lockdown, Barry shares his thoughts and ideas on how Bedouin can be used to help maintain a safe distance in the workplace. "Social distancing in the workplace will mean that office density will be reduced." says Barry. "As an immediate response, it is likely that where bench configurations exist, that every other work position will be left empty and deflection screens will be introduced." "A flexible alternative would be to use Bedouin. It could form the basis of a mobile screened workstation to create shielded work-pods to provide the social distancing, and enclosure people will expect to have in order to work safely." "The footprint will be smaller than the conventional workstation to maximise the available space." With the addition of a worktop, the screen quickly becomes a space-efficient, screened workstation. Additional acrylic screens atop the Low Bedouin unit could add additional containment without losing light. It could also be specified in materials that are easy to clean or with an antimicrobial element. "The worktop should be easily detached, so that Bedouin can revert to being a mobile screen subject to need." adds Barry. Take a look at his design sketches below or click here to download the PDF. If you are interested in specifying Bedouin, please get in touch with our team to discuss on +44(0)1977 695222.