A Perfect Match

A look at how we solved an acoustic issue with Pantone printed Zorb panels.

It’s hard to put into words the effect acoustic design has on a room until you have experienced it. Something as simple as hanging acoustic panels can completely transform a room.

In a conference room, for example, sound bounces around off walls and hard surfaces making it difficult to hear and concentrate. Add in lots of people and the noise can quickly amplify to a distracting (and annoying!) level. Acoustic panels instantly help by absorbing extra reverberations, creating a more peaceful and still ambience where conversations can more easily be heard.

For this recent project, we were called in to solve just such an acoustic issue. Two large meeting rooms in this busy office space were echoey and noisy, making them unpopular with staff and underused. Our expertise was required to devise a solution that would not only make the rooms more pleasant and functional, but also coordinate with brand's look and feel.

After assessing the space, we came up with a concept that utilised our wall mounted acoustic panels Zorb in a striking colourblock effect along opposing walls.

Zorb is the perfect combination of art and acoustics. The lightweight panels are available in a range of sizes, offer effective acoustic absorption and can be upholstered in almost any kind of fabric and design.

We can print almost anything on a Zorb – patterns, photos, graphics – but in this instance solid colour was the order of the day.

We printed two lots of fabric, one pink and one purple, in the exact Pantone colours of the brand. Back in the factory, these were applied to our highly acoustic Zorb canvases to create a sequence of panels that are a perfect match to the corporate colours.

Installation of the lightweight panels was simple. We fitted 10 panels in each room, 5 of each contrasting shade, to inject a vibrant shot of colour to the otherwise plain space.

The result was an instantaneous transformation! Stepping into the finished space, the client was surprised by how noticeable the difference was. The acoustics and atmosphere of the rooms have been completely changed, to create comfortable, productive and on-brand spaces that are now a pleasure to use.

To find out more about how to specify Zorb, please get in touch with our team and we’d love to see how we can help.