A first look at Soft Grids

We reveal our latest product at designjunction 2019.

Join us at designjunction for an exclusive reveal of our newest We Design Silence product to the UK market, Soft Grids. From acclaimed product and furniture designer Mikiya Kobayashi, we are delighted to launch Soft Grids. This new concept is a contemporary and flexible way to segment space and manage acoustics. Soft Grids is a modular partition that comes in flat and curved sections, enabling the construction of beautiful flowing lines and circles. With enhanced acoustic properties, Soft Grids is not only gorgeous to look at, but also helps to sculpt the acoustic landscape by absorbing unwanted sounds and reverberations. The slatted design offers partial visual privacy, while also letting through plenty light, making it a great choice for space division in open plan spaces such as foyers or meeting areas. Available in a huge range of fabric colours, Soft Grids can be tailored for any design scheme and the design is the perfect accompaniment to our Mood range. Come and see Soft Grids for yourself on Stand F14 at designjunction, King’s Cross, from 19-22 September. To specify Soft Grids for your next project, get in touch with our Sales Team for more details.