A Dream Project

The Designers’ Dreamscape was an amazing collaboration with Squire & Partners, designjunction, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and RIBA London.

Our involvement with The Designers’ Dreamscape project began through our sponsorship of the co-working space at designjunction alongside our stand space. We didn’t know at the time, what a remarkable project (and undertaking!) it would turn out to be. Designjunction brought on acclaimed architects Squire & Partners to create an installation for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in partnership with designjunction, and RIBA London. ‘The Designers’ Dreamscape’ is a highly stimulating multi-sensory co-working space for all ages. When we heard about the initial concept it would have been easy to have been daunted by it, but we were completely inspired and excited to work alongside Squire & Partners to bring it to life. Working with architects and designers is one of the best parts of what we do. While many of our products stand alone, projects like this allow us to collaborate with design experts and really flex our creative muscle to deliver truly bespoke solutions that realise their vision. Our first meeting at Squire & Partners took place at their offices in Brixton. We went through the initial ideas and concepts and started to look at how we could use variations on our existing products, to create the space. For the next meeting we invited them up to our factory in Yorkshire so they could fully understand our capabilities and how we work, while they tabled the concept sketches and visuals. We figured out that a combination of Mood Slice and Khamsin could be used for the perimeter and we worked together to devise a solution for the ceiling baffles. The draft sketches showed these baffles as spheres, but we compromised and changed them to domed discs, a solution that kept the spirit of the concept but was also more achievable to deliver. We mocked up a section of the acoustic shelving for approval, based on Khamsin screens, and quickly put it into production. Manufacture was split between our UK and Belgian sites, with the customised Mood Slice sofa fabricated in Belgium and transported over for the show. Conversation and communication continued throughout August and September and we accommodated a number of subtle changes and refinements as we went along, to allow for the integration of lighting and sound. Collaboration has been absolutely key to ensuring this project’s success. Not only in getting the design elements right and manufactured in such a short timeframe, but also when it came to the build for the show. We both realised that the only practical way to get everything done on site was to work together for the duration. The ever-helpful Squires site team (none of whom we had met until we arrived!) helped us offload product and then it was all hands on deck to build and integrate the lighting elements before the grand opening. The result was a product of true teamwork from start to finish and the finished space was everything we had hoped it would be. The installation is a testament to what can be achieved with planning, collaboration and determination and it was wonderful to be able to share our achievement with guests visiting our stand at designjunction. If you would like us to collaborate on your next project – whether for a temporary installation or a more permanent interior -  we’d love to hear from you!