A different approach to panels

Transforming a plain meeting space with striking acoustic panels.

A common complaint that we hear about the modern meeting room is that it lacks character. What is supposed to be an inspiring space to share big ideas, can often fall a little flat when it comes to ambience.

The combination of glass and plain walls in an empty space has another side effect too: it’s the perfect recipe for an echo chamber. In a room full of glossy surfaces, with little to absorb reverberations, a lively brainstorm can quickly become a cacophonous noise!

Acoustic panels, when used with a little bit of creativity, can solve both problems at once.

One of the best parts of our job is figuring out how to produce something that we haven’t done before. So, when our client came to us with this idea, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in and bring their design to life. Instead of a standard acoustic panel, they wanted us to make a series of mini panels in a bespoke shape that could be tessellated together.

We upholstered the panels in Synergy fabric, from Camira, carefully selecting a number of colours to match the end-users brand palette. The team then headed south to Worcester for the install.

The panels were fitted to create an abstract mosaic effect across the expanse of the meeting room wall. The result is something quite different that not only helped shape the acoustics in the room, but also completely changed the look of the space.

The finished installation is also visible to the rest of the office through the glass wall, injecting a splash of on-brand colour to the overall design scheme.

The unusual form was a first for us, but from planning to final install, everything ran smooth from start to finish and we love how it all turned out.

If you would like our help bringing your design ideas to life, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.